shutterstock_97542812Halloween is considered by law enforcement to be one of the deadliest nights of the year, as it is the one night of the year that children are out on the streets at the same time as adults are getting drunk and behind the wheel. That is an unfortunate combination that, sadly, results in many preventable deaths.

Halloween 2014 ended with the deaths of three 13-year-old girls out trick or treating in California, while in Arizona 5 people (2 children and 3 adults, one in a wheelchair) survived when they were hit by a car while crossing a street but four of them are in critical condition.

In many cases, pedestrians are hit by vehicles operated by an impaired driver who was driving too fast pr failed to slow down at crosswalks. Many of the victims are children, some as young as two years old. But not every accident was caused by high blood alcohol content. One child was struck by a bus on the highway when the adults failed to properly supervise the toddler. On at least one occasion, the victim ran out into the street without looking.

In such instances, assigning fault is not always easy, although leaving the scene, which is what happened in several of the incidents, is already a crime in itself. Such tragic incidents often have long-reaching consequences for all parties concerned. It would be advisable for parents to closely supervise young children and caution older ones repeatedly while trick or treating.