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Injuries or ailments caused by medical malpractice can result to a personal injury lawsuit, where you or your loved one can file for a claim against the medical professional responsible for the complications brought about by the mistake in the procedure or diagnosis. Breaking the trust and standard of care on which medical professionals have taken an oath to maintain, a patient can develop serious and even life-threatening complications following a wrong diagnosis. When a wrong diagnosis has caused physical harm or injury to the patient, then it can be a reason for seeking a personal injury lawsuit, and talking with medical malpractice attorneys would be beneficial for your claim.

Wrong diagnosis can have severe implications on the patient, whether it be their physical, psychological or financial state. Generally, there are three types of wrong diagnosis, namely:

  1. The “false-positive” diagnosis where the patient is advised of an “illness” which they do not have, in return develops side-effects or complications from the treatments and/or medical prescriptions they are given.
  2. The “false-negative” diagnosis where the patient is did not notice (or neglected to notice) any symptoms of the disease or ailment which the patient has. This, in turn, causes the disease or ailment to progress and become more severe.
  3. Wrong or mistaken diagnosis occurs when the patient’s symptoms are mistaken for another disease or ailment, and so the patient suffers from the side effects or complications due to the wrong treatment/medical prescriptions given to them.

Personal injury claims caused by a wrong diagnosis can be complicated and intricate. If you or any of your loved ones has been through such a circumstance, it would be very helpful to contact medical malpractice lawyers who can assist you in better understanding your rights. Discussing it with experienced medical malpractice attorneys could guide you on your pursuit for compensation, as well as help determine if your claim is eligible to pursue the claims.

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  1. It is concerning knowing medical professionals make these errors. I’d like to trust what my medical professional tells me if I had an illness.

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