Nevada assemblyman Steven Brooks, D-Las Vegas, was arrested on Sunday under suspicions of attacking an undisclosed family member and reaching for a police officer’s firearm.

Brooks has been having a troubled year. He was arrested last month after being accused of threatening fellow assembly member Marilyn Kirkpatrick over a disagreement in his committee assignments. The police report from that January 19 arrest indicates that Brooks had a gun in his car.

Brooks was able to pay his bail, but a few days later, he was detained again and underwent a mental evaluation following an incident involving a sword at his grandmother’s house.

Brooks won a second term as a Nevada lawmaker last November. The current legislative session began last week, and so far, Brooks has been escorted through the capitol by police. Brooks’ bizarre behavior has created tension in the Nevada assembly, but lawmakers are working to mitigate its effects.

In a rare use of legislative powers, the assembly has created a bipartisan panel to determine whether or not Brooks is mentally capable of performing his duties as an assemblyman. The committee has the power to potentially boot Brooks from his position.