Tips To Pick A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Texas

Whether you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor charge or a federal drug trafficking conspiracy, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed as you run through the worst-case possibilities in your head. As the reality of your situation settles in, you may think, “How can I find the finest criminal defense attorney?”

There is no shortage of lawyers in Travis County, as a fast internet search will indicate, so understand how to separate the finest from the others. In reality, selecting the correct lawyer will have a significant influence on the result of your case as well as your overall future.

You Need An Experienced And Qualified Defense Counsel:

Don’t be hesitant to conduct some study. To verify the status of a lawyer’s legal license, go to the State Bar of Texas website.

Verify That The Attorney’s Exact Practice Area Matches Your Requirements:

Not every criminal defense attorney in Travis County is experienced in all sorts of offenses. For example, some exclusively handle misdemeanors or crimes, while others, like Chris Perri, can handle both. Because you can occasionally raise charges up or down, you want an attorney who knows the ins and outs of all felony levels.

Verify That Your Defense Attorney Has A Success Record:

You would like an attorney who has a proven track record of aiding clients in reaching favorable outcomes. If you’re going to spend your money, you need a boxer who generates results.

When Hiring A Criminal Legal Representative, Follow Your Gut Feelings:

Above all, you want a lawyer who puts you at ease and understands your circumstances. The most outstanding criminal defense lawyer is one you can rely on to battle for your particular interests. It is why an early, no-obligation meeting is so vital, as it will help you to determine whether the lawyer’s style, personality, and case approach are a suitable match for you.

Whether you’ve been charged with a state or federal crime, a felony or a misdemeanor, or you require an appeal or a writ, a professional attorney like Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC can help. Always seek out someone who has dealt with a situation similar to yours. Click here to read more.

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How To Keep Cannabis-Infused Products Safe With Child Resistant Exit Bags

How To Keep Cannabis-Infused Products Safe With Child Resistant Exit Bags

Child Resistant Exit Bags are a must for any cannabis user. They can provide peace of mind when it comes to storing your cannabis-infused products safely from kids and pets while they’re not being used. The bags come in different sizes, so make sure you have the right size to fit your needs before purchasing one!

You should also keep a few Child Resistant Exit Bags in your vehicle for traveling purposes. When going through security at the airport, you’ll be asked if you’re carrying any marijuana products on your person or in luggage. Make sure that these bags are available to show them and demonstrate how they work before flying!

Once you have child-resistant exit bags in your home, you can keep them by the door to take with you when leaving your house. If there are children or pets at home that could potentially access the product, it is a good idea not to leave any infused products out where they might find and eat them. 

You may also want to secure all of these items so that others don’t accidentally come across an edible while looking for something else and make a mistake. It’s best if all cannabis-infused edibles are placed away from other foodstuffs like cereals, snacks, etc., preferably locked up high enough on shelves or doors that small hands cannot reach them.

There are many websites from where you can buy Child Resistant Exit Bags at quite a reasonable price. Make sure you include one in your next order from these stores, and don’t forget to check their inventory for other cannabis accessories too!

Alternatively, you can also visit your local market and look for a shop that sells these packages.

If you want to buy these bags in bulk, then the best place is online stores like Green Tech Packaging that sell them on a wholesale basis. Just make sure they are legit because there has been an increase of fraudulent businesses selling counterfeit products pretending to be Child Resistant Exit Bags!

Pay heed to these important points so that you never have to face any trouble while storing cannabis, cannabis-infused products, or other drugs at home.

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How Likely Are You Going To Be Part of A Car Crash?

How Likely Are You Going To Be Part of A Car Crash?

In a country like the US, where hundreds of thousands of people hit the road daily for various reasons, car crashes are bound to happen. As a driver, your goal should always be to drive safely to avoid these crashes as much as possible. 

You can make this job quite easy by learning more about the likeliness of these crashes. It will also help you take precautionary measures to avoid them and, at the same time, prepare yourself just in case something unexpected takes place. Have a look at these stats to understand how likely can you be part of a car crash. 

Car Crash Stats In The US:

A total of 6.45 million car accidents took place on the US roads back in 2017, which led to about 1.9 million injuries and close to 34,000 fatalities. In 2020, the number of injuries increased to 4.8 million, with a total of 43,945 deaths. Regardless of the number of road safety measures taken by the government, these numbers keep on rising with each passing year. 

Insurance companies claim that an average car driver makes files one collision claim every 17.9 years. Given the starting age of 16, when most people start driving cars, you’re likely to be a part of at least three crashes over your lifetime. This number can be more or less based on how careful you are while driving. 

Unfortunately, there are times when you are fully aware of your surroundings and driving carefully, but still, you get involved in a car crash. It’s because the other party wasn’t paying enough attention. While you cannot stop things like that, what you can do is make them pay for their mistakes. 

All you need to do is get in touch with a well-known personal injury lawyer and ask them to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your damages and property damage. You can view more information about filing a lawsuit online and take the necessary steps accordingly for a hassle-free experience.

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Legal Separation or Divorce : Which Is The Better Option?


shutterstock_134380532There comes a point in time when married couples realize that there is no point continuing their relationship. When their marriage is in shambles, the first thing that comes to mind is divorce. But there is another possible option that they can consider and that is legal separation. These are two different legal issues that couples can resort to if they want to end their marriage. But which is the better option? Would you rather be legally separated or divorced?

Knowing The Difference

Before deciding on the better option, it is worth understanding the difference of the two. Legal separation is an agreement entered into by couples acknowledging that they are still married but not living together. It is a contract that defines handling of assets, liabilities, and other financial matters.

Divorce, on the other hand, dissolves the marriage. This means that they become single again and thus can marry again. The couple signs an agreement that lays down details on distribution of properties or assets, child custody, visitation, and support.

The Right Choice

Staying legally separated is a better option than divorce for a variety of reasons. It gives the couples time to decide if they really want to divorce or give their marriage one more try. By opting for legal separation, you are protecting yourself from desertion. If there is no agreement, the spouse could be charged for desertion or abandonment.

Second, legal separation gives the children of the married couple to prepare themselves emotionally for the change or adjust themselves to the new situation. Divorce can carry with it a social stigma which can carry over to the children. It is quite clear that the most affected when married couples decide to end the marriage are the children.

A third reason to choose legal separation over divorce is that a spouse can still enjoy the medical benefits of their spouse’s health care plan. If they are a spouse of a military personnel, legal separation is the best option if they want to enjoy the benefits provided by the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act, provided that they stay married for a minimum of 10 years to enjoy the benefits accorded to members.

Ending a marriage is never an easy decision. There are many individuals who will be affected most specially children. So as much as possible, try and work out your differences and save the marriage for the sake of your children.

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How Safe is Your Talcum Powder?

shutterstock_398670208For the second time in just four months, giant pharmaceutical firm Johnson & Johnson losses another lawsuit and ordered by the court to pay $55m to Gloria Ristesund, who developed ovarian cancer after years of using Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder (the first lawsuit was in February wherein Johnson & Johnson was made to pay $72m to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer which she claimed she developed during the 35 years that she used the company’s talc-based baby powder).

Amidst Johnson & Johnson’s claim that cosmetic talc is safe, as proven through 30 years of studies by medical experts worldwide, the lawsuits allege that Johnson & Johnson knew about the dangers associated with using talcum powder, yet it covered up results of the studies that showed a link between its baby powder and ovarian cancer. Instead of including a warning on its product’s label, no information about the dangers of using talcum powder was said in order to increase sales.

Talc, the source of talcum powder, is a mineral that contains magnesium, oxygen and silicon. It is used in various cosmetic products due to it capability to keep the skin dry and prevent rashes. According to the American Cancer Society, a number of studies suggest that regular application of talcum powder in the genital area (or on condoms, diaphragms, or sanitary napkins) might cause cancer in the ovaries, especially if powder particles travel to the ovary.

While Johnson & Johnson plans to appeal this May ruling, if it succeeds, Johnson & Johnson will need to worry anew due to the 1,200 similar lawsuits that it will also have to face.

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Overcoming Debts the Legal Way

debtWhen in debt one’s self-esteem and enthusiasm in life can easily be overcome by worry and uncertainty. This, certainly, is the same situation that millions of honest and hard-working individuals, who have problems paying their debts due to loss of employment, sickness, disability or death in the family, are experiencing. Worrying, however, will never solve debt problems, but a legal solution will: Bankruptcy.

There are millions of individuals in the US who file personal bankruptcy every year. Filing of personal bankruptcy is a legal right stipulated under the Bankruptcy Code, which the US Congress passed in 1978. This law was passed to help individuals, families running a business and business firms find ways to pay their debts and so regain control of their finances. There are different chapters in the Bankruptcy code, each designed to address the specific needs and financial situation of debtors.

Besides providing affordable solutions to paying debts, filing of personal bankruptcy also offers a host of other benefits, like cessation of the harassing tactics employed by collection firms in order to make a debtor pay his or her debts and freedom from dischargeable debts. While it is true that a debtor may have to surrender some of his or her properties/assets which will have to be liquidated, there are specific properties which, under the law, he or she can rightfully keep.

Summing it up, when in debt, one can either continue wallowing in this situation or take steps in solving his or her problem through bankruptcy. The important thing that people should understand though is that bankruptcy is not a way to escape debts and debt payments; it is rather a way to pay one’s debts in the easiest, legal way possible.

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Detroit Woman Claims Stillbirth Due to Police

Pregnant WomanA suspect in a case of shoplifting, Shenika Parchman, has lost her appeal to charge Detroit police with a lawsuit. Detroit federal judge, Denise Page Hood, had dismissed the case back in January 2015.

In 2011, Parchman was arrested for shoplifting at a Meijer store, a popular hypermarket, while she had been nine months pregnant at the time. In the week that followed after her arrest, she gave birth to a stillborn son and since then, the suspect has claimed that it was the rough treatment of her by a Taylor-based police officer during her arrest that had led to the death of her child.

It was, however, her failure to provide evidentiary support of the claim – the fact that she could not name a particular officer during her deposition being one of the key points of her case – equated into the failure of her appeal to file a lawsuit against the Detroit-area police.

A report from the Associated Press states that the court has rejected her appeal on the grounds of there being “no reasonable juror” for her claim since Parchman could not properly identify the Detroit police officer in question or that she had been injured at all during her arrest.

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The Volkswagen emission fraud fiasco: How much does it cost?

vwemissionsGerman automaker giant Volkswagen is under fire after the U.S. Environment Protection Agency learned about how the car manufacturer installed software devices designed to defeat standard emission tests. The software is so sophisticatedly designed to detect if it is being tested that there is possibly no way the car maker could argue that the issue was just a ‘bug.’

But criticisms against Volkswagen are coming not only from regulatory boards in the U.S. and outside the country, but also from its customers. Consumers who own newer line of Volkswagen diesel units believe that they have purchased a car that’s both powerful and eco-friendly, only to find out that it is emitting oxides more than what the federal limit permits.

In a report by Tech Times, the scandal has caused the company to lose $1.83 billion in this year’s 3rd quarter. This is not surprising, given the fact the Volkswagen has not been in a scandal as large and as massive as this since its conception in 1936. Also, Volkswagen would now have to defend itself against lawsuits filed by people seeking for compensation because of a significant decrease in the car’s resale value.

Apart from the revenue loss and lawsuit costs, Volkswagen has announced it will recall 11 million diesel cars equipped with the software, which would cost them an estimated $7.4 billion. These enormous expenditures will be capped by Volkswagen’s promise to offer cash cards worth between $1,000 and $1,250 to those affected by the ongoing scandal.

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Armed police drones now legal in North Dakota

droneDrones are becoming more and more utilized in a variety of different fields. Businesses such as DHL and Amazon caught the attention of many by making use of these robotic apparatus to make deliveries. Media outlets have also been known for using drones to capture hard-to-reach shots for breaking news. Now, the lawmakers at North Dakota add to this growing list, being the first U.S. state to legalize the use of armed drones for law enforcement.

As NPR reports, the passing of the new law allows North Dakota law enforcement to make use of armed drones equipped only with “less than lethal” weapons such as rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, bean bag cannons, and Tasers. The law also requires the police to obtain a search warrant before these drones can be used.

Republican state Rep. Rick Becker was the main proponent of the original bill and is none too happy with how parts of the law had turned out, emphasizing his views that drones should not be weaponized. He had first introduced the bill to push for measures requiring police to obtain appropriate search warrants before making use of drones to survey areas for evidence. However, hurdles in the legislative process caused him to make certain compromises. He was quoted by the website Arstechnica, saying, “…the committee accepted amendments and I didn’t fight them because I wanted the bill to pass at least to require warrants.”

Despite these compromises, Rep. Becker sees the law’s passage as a decisive step away from concerns of privacy invasion. However, Arstechnica notes that he remains determined to introduce a new bill that will advocate for the “non-lethal” use of police drones.

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Can Copyright Claims Get Out of Style™: Is Taylor Swift in the Legal Right?

TSwiftThere are many posts making the rounds on various platforms on social media, claiming of the avarice from Taylor Swift and her legal team over the disputes regarding her copyrighted phrases. Some of the phrases that have been reportedly copyrighted are “This Sick Beat” (from the song “Shake It Off”), “Nice to meet you, where you been?” (from the song “Blank Space”), as well as “1989” – the title of the singer’s most recent album as well as it is her birth year.

In the website Etsy, where there are many people who make a small business through crafting (from fan-art prints to mugs printed with her likeness), there have been several users who have been approached in a demand to take down their wares with the singer’s copyrighted property. Majority of these people are fans of Swift and her work but the action from her legal team has sparked some backlash for her allegedly threatening to sue her own fans.
The question, however, remains. Is Taylor Swift in the right to threaten lawsuits on the grounds of copyright
infringement for this?

Copyright law is, unfortunately, quite difficult in any kind of legal battle. Swift’s battles are some of the earliest recorded claims of this kind of situation. However, with the rise of illegal downloading, many artists are attempting to make sure that they make the most out of their pieces due to the competitive industry. Though seemingly inane phrases uttered by anyone – and certainly not exclusively penned by Swift – she is the first to have copyrighted the phrases in America, therefore giving her some method of control over merchandise that may be specifically linked to her work.

This kind of move is more to protect her brand than it is an outright move against her fans but there are still repercussions to this choice that Swift cannot just, to borrow a phrase, Shake (it) Off™.

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